LD Time, based in Miami, FL, is your trusted destination for buying and selling luxury watches. As experts in luxury timepieces, we understand that navigating this world can be complex, especially for beginners. One feature that often intrigues new watch enthusiasts is the GMT bezel. In this guide, we will simplify the GMT bezel, explaining its function, how to use it, and why it's a valuable feature in luxury watches. Whether you're buying your first luxury watch or adding to your collection, understanding the GMT bezel is essential.

What is a GMT Bezel?

The Function of the GMT Bezel

A GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) bezel is a rotating bezel found on luxury watches. It enables the wearer to track multiple time zones at once, which is ideal for travelers, pilots, and anyone needing to monitor time in different parts of the world. If you're looking for a watch that offers functionality and style, consider one with a GMT bezel.

Key Features of the GMT Bezel 

  • 24-Hour Markings: Unlike standard 12-hour bezels, the GMT bezel features 24-hour markers. This design makes it perfect for travelers and watch enthusiasts who need to track multiple time zones.
  • Bidirectional Rotation: The bezel rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, making setting the second time zone easy. This feature ensures precise time management for frequent travelers and dual-time zone tracking.
  • Additional Hand: GMT watches are popular for their unique feature: an extra hour hand that completes a full circle around the dial every 24 hours. This makes it easy to track multiple time zones, a favorite among frequent travelers and watch enthusiasts.

How to Use a GMT Bezel

Setting the GMT Hand

1. Unscrew the Crown: Start by unscrewing the crown of your GMT watch to the first position. This step is crucial for setting the time zone on your GMT watch. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully for accurate timekeeping and optimal performance. 

2. Set the Local Time: Pull the crown out to the second position to set the local time on your watch. This simple step allows you to adjust the time, like any standard watch.

3. Adjust the GMT Hand: To set the GMT hand to a second-time zone, pull the crown out to the third position. This feature is easy to use and ensures that your watch accurately displays the second time zone.

4. Rotate the Bezel: Adjust the bezel so the 24-hour marker lines up with the GMT hand. This simple step lets you quickly read the second time zone. Perfect for frequent travelers and watch enthusiasts!

Reading the Time  

  • Local Time: The standard hour and minute hands display your local time accurately.
  • Second Time Zone: The GMT hand shows the hour on the 24-hour bezel, clearly displaying the second time zone. This feature lets you easily track time in two different zones, making it perfect for travelers and frequent fliers.
  • Day and Night Indication: The 24-hour clock format is essential for distinguishing between day and night in a second-time zone. A 24-hour time system makes managing and coordinating activities across different time zones easier, improving global communication and efficiency.

Why the GMT Bezel is a Must-Have Feature

Benefits for Travelers

1. Ease of Use: Easily convert and read time across multiple time zones. This is ideal for travelers, business meetings, and global coordination. Simplify your time zone management today!

2. Functionality: Easily track home time and local time simultaneously, perfect for frequent travelers and flyers. Keep your schedule organized and stay on track no matter where you are.

A Symbol of Status and Functionality

Luxury Appeal: The GMT bezel is a distinctive feature of luxury watches from top brands like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling.

Practicality: This watch combines aesthetics with practical use, enhancing overall functionality and style. It is perfect for those seeking a blend of fashion and functionality in their timepiece.

Popular GMT Watches

Rolex GMT-Master II

Iconic Design: The GMT-Master II, famous for its distinctive two-tone bezel, is a top choice among luxury watch enthusiasts. This iconic timepiece stands out for its craftsmanship and style, making it a must-have for collectors and fans alike. If you're searching for the perfect blend of elegance and functionality, the GMT-Master II is the luxury watch.

Precision: Boasts a durable movement and outstanding build quality, perfect for those seeking reliability and excellence.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT

  • Durability: Designed for adventure, this water-resistant watch features a helium escape valve, making it perfect for diving and extreme sports enthusiasts.
  • Style: Combining sleek design and functionality, this versatile accessory is perfect for formal and casual wear. It is ideal for adding style to any outfit and effortlessly transitions from work to weekend.


Understanding the GMT bezel is essential for any watch enthusiast or collector. This feature lets you track multiple time zones simultaneously, making it invaluable for travelers and professionals. At LD Time in Miami, FL, we offer a diverse selection of luxury watches with GMT bezels, perfect for any need or lifestyle. Visit our website or contact us today to explore our luxury watch collection and find your next timepiece. 


1. What is the purpose of a GMT bezel?

The GMT bezel is perfect for travelers and professionals, enabling them to track multiple time zones simultaneously. Ideal for coordinating across different regions, this feature ensures you stay on schedule no matter where you are.

2. How do I set the GMT hand on my watch?

To set the GMT hand on your watch, follow these simple steps: First, unscrew the crown and pull it to the third position. Next, adjust the GMT hand to your desired time zone. Finally, rotate the bezel to align the 24-hour marker with the GMT hand. This guide makes setting your GMT watch easy and ensures accurate timekeeping for travelers and watch enthusiasts.

3. Why is the GMT bezel bidirectional?

The bi-directional rotation of the GMT bezel provides a quick and easy way to adjust the second time zone. With this feature, there's no need to rotate the bezel fully, making it convenient for frequent travelers.

4. Can I use the GMT bezel for other purposes?

Yes, in addition to tracking multiple time zones, the GMT bezel can be used as a simple timer or to track elapsed time, making it an essential tool for frequent travelers and watch enthusiasts.

5. What are some popular GMT watches?

Some of the most popular GMT watches are the Rolex GMT-Master II, and Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT. These luxury timepieces are highly sought after by watch enthusiasts for their precision and functionality. If you're searching for the best GMT watches, consider these top models for their exceptional quality and timeless design.