The elegance of the unmatched, illustrious, and most prestigious wristwatch ever created. A Rolex - the pinnacle of timepieces. Your heart quickens, butterflies flutter. Amid a bustling world, you stand transfixed, captivated by the wearable masterpiece that belongs solely to you. Is this love?

After the initial excitement wanes, you may find yourself unable to recall the details about your Rolex. It's understandable - the euphoria of the moment can be overwhelming. If you have questions, LD Time is here to provide the answers you need.

Rolex watch care: Proper winding and setting techniques demystified


"My Rolex stopped running. How to wind it?" "My Rolex is running twelve hours behind. How to fix it?" "Do I turn the crown forward or backward?"

Our customers often inquire about various aspects. Regardless of the watch model, we are here to provide guidance. The steps outlined below are tailored for the Datejust, Daytona, Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Yachtmaster, and Deepsea. Should you own a Day-Date or a GMT, please note that the process may differ slightly. The Day-Date involves setting the day of the week, while the GMT includes a second hour hand.

The crown of your Rolex watch has four positions: zero to three. Position zero indicates the crown is fully screwed down for waterproofness, except during setting or winding. Position one lets you manually wind the movement. Position two adjusts the date, while position three sets the time. Optimize your Rolex crown positions for peak performance!

Step One:

Empower yourself: Learn how to wind and set your Rolex watch

To set and wind a Rolex, start by unscrewing the crown to position one. With the watch dial facing you, turn the crown counterclockwise to unscrew it. Once fully unscrewed, you'll feel the crown pop into the winding position. A Rolex is automatic and self-winds with the wearer's daily movements. If left unused for a few days without a watch winder, it may stop running. After unscrewing the crown, begin winding the Rolex by turning the crown clockwise. You'll feel a slight tension and hear a soft ticking sound. Wind the crown about forty times to activate the watch and provide full power.

Step Two:

Rolex owner essentials: Winding and setting your timepiece with confidence

After carefully winding your Rolex to ensure precision, proceed to gently adjust the date function. To do this, delicately pull out the crown to position two, where you will have access to the date setting feature. Turn the crown clockwise to smoothly advance the date, noting that it only progresses forward. For optimal timekeeping alignment, initially set the date one day ahead.

Additional guidance on distinguishing watch setting procedures for morning and night will be provided in the subsequent sections.

Step Three:

Unlocking your Rolex's potential: Essential winding and setting tips

To set the time on your Rolex, pull out the crown to position three. Begin rotating the crown clockwise, and observe as the hour and minute hands adjust accordingly. It's important to note that manipulating the date will result in it being set one day behind. As you approach twelve o'clock, monitor the date closely. If the date fails to change after noon, your watch is likely set to twelve in the afternoon. Conversely, if the date advances by one day, indicating the correct date, your Rolex is displaying twelve o'clock in the morning. By following these steps meticulously, you can ensure that your Rolex is accurately keeping time and not running fast by twelve hours.

Step Four:

Comprehensive guide: Winding and setting your Rolex timepiece

After setting your Rolex, return the crown to zero position. Press down the crown and screw it clockwise while moving it forward until snug. Ensure the crown is fully screwed down to maintain the Rolex's waterproof feature. Be cautious not to overtighten the crown.

Should you face any challenges, feel free to seek assistance. Our team of Rolex experts is readily available to help. Rather than resorting to pliers, reach out to us for expert guidance or visit us in person. Immerse yourself in luxury at LD Time. Explore our exquisite collection of Rolex watches and uncover the perfect fusion of sophistication and precision. Come join us in Miami, FL, and indulge in the epitome of horological excellence with LD Time.