In today's world, a ladies' watch can be anything if it fits well. Historically, women's watches have been small and adorned with diamonds. Thankfully, Rolex offers a wide range of options featuring robust materials, larger case sizes, and smaller sizes with precious metals or gemstones. Explore some of the best Rolex watches for women, along with a few bonus models that are popular among women.

Top 5 Rolex Watches for Women

5 Rolex Watches for Women

If you're a woman searching for a Rolex, you'll find a wide range of options in metals, dial styles, and case sizes. Rolex designs many watches specifically for women's wrists, though larger case sizes are also suitable. One of the key benefits of a ladies' Rolex watch is that most come with automatic movements, with a few exceptions like the manual wind Cellini or Oysterquartz. Explore the world of women's Rolex watches to find the perfect blend of elegance and functionality.

1. Ladies Oyster Perpetual

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a renowned and iconic brand model. Famously, Mercedes Gleitze, a British professional swimmer, wore it during her attempt to swim across the English Channel in 1927. While older Oyster Perpetual ladies' watches were available in two-tone, the current models are exclusively crafted in Oystersteel.

Metal options may be limited when choosing a modern Rolex watch, but size versatility is key. In 2020, the 26mm Oyster Perpetual was discontinued, making way for new ladies' sizes of 28mm and 31mm. Rolex offers the Oyster Perpetual in 36mm and 41mm for those who prefer a more significant case. Collectors searching for vintage or older models can still find the Oyster Perpetual in 24mm and 26mm sizes. Discover the perfect Rolex watch size for your style and wrist.

This collection stands out for its vibrant dial options. Launched in 2020, it features candy-colored dials in pink, red, yellow, turquoise, and green, along with classic silver and black options. Perfect for those seeking colorful and stylish watches!

Pricing: $3,500 – $8000

2. Lady-datejust or Datejust

In 1957, Rolex introduced the Lady-Datejust, a smaller version of the iconic Datejust, featuring the same functionalities in a 26mm case. Updated in 2015, the Lady-Datejust now comes in a standard 28mm size. The Datejust collection offers various sizes, including 31mm, 36mm, and 41mm. Known for its readability, the Datejust features a convenient date display under a Cyclops lens at the 3 o'clock.

When choosing your ideal watch model, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Popular case materials include steel, two-tone, yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold, and platinum. Bezels come in smooth, fluted, or diamond styles. You can also select between Oyster or Jubilee bracelets.

There are countless options for watch dials, ranging from rich chocolate brown and mother-of-pearl to the newly launched wave and palm designs. You can choose from stick indices, Roman numerals, or diamond markers, offering endless customization possibilities for your perfect watch.

Pricing: $5,000 – $40,000

3. Ladies President or Day-date

The Ladies President watch, currently a Datejust 31mm on the iconic President bracelet, offers a luxurious alternative to the men's Day-Date, often called a President watch. You can also find older models in 26mm and 28mm sizes on the same three-link President bracelet. Ideal for those searching for a blend of elegance and timeless design, the Ladies President watch stands out in the world of luxury timepieces.

The Lady-Datejust 31 is the only model outside the Day-Date collection available with this bracelet style. Consequently, it is exclusively offered in precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold, or Everose gold. Despite this exclusivity, the Lady-Datejust 31 boasts a broad range of dial colors, index styles, and options for a fluted or gem-set bezel.

Similarly, the Day-Date maintains its wearable elegance with a 36mm size and is also crafted from precious metals. This model provides a diverse selection of dials and index styles, ensuring a sophisticated and versatile choice for any discerning collector.

Ladies President Pricing: $20,000 – $32,000

Day-Date Pricing: $23,500 – $140,000

4. Pearlmaster

The Rolex Pearlmaster is a unique luxury watch designed primarily for women but with a few men's models as well. These exquisite timepieces are available only in gold or platinum and are adorned with diamonds. Launched in 1992, Rolex introduced a special Pearlmaster bracelet featuring a 5-piece high-polish design.

When examining the dial, you'll notice the Pearlmaster is labeled as Datejust. Although both watches share the same date window, the Pearlmaster stands out as its own model. It features unique case sizes and bracelets, making the Pearlmaster a standout choice for luxury watch enthusiasts.

Current production Rolex Pearlmaster models stand out with fully gem-set dials, bezels, and bracelets in luxurious white gold or Everose gold. These timepieces are available in both 34mm and 39mm sizes, epitomize elegance and sophistication. Unlike previous models, which featured only gem-set bezels, today's Pearlmasters are intricately diamond-encrusted.

Notably, the 29mm Pearlmaster was discontinued in 2015. Collectors and enthusiasts can find various Pearlmaster versions adorned with vibrant gem-set bezels, including sapphires and rubies.

Pricing: $11,500 – $84,000

5. Ladies Yacht-Master

The Ladies Yacht-Master is ideal for those seeking a sporty design beyond the classic Oyster case. As part of Rolex's professional collection, this watch is designed for the open seas. The Yacht-Master features a rotating bezel with a 60-minute scale, perfect for timing nautical adventures. Launched in 1994, the Ladies Yacht-Master was available in 29mm and 35mm case sizes. Although discontinued in 2015, the updated Ladies Yacht-Master now boasts a generous 37mm case size. This luxury timepiece blends elegance and functionality, making it a top choice for women who appreciate both style and performance.

The 37mm Yacht-Master is a luxurious Rolex watch in Oystersteel and platinum, Everose gold, and two-tone options. Older models also featured yellow gold. Most Yacht-Master models come with the classic Oyster bracelet, but the Everose version stands out with its sporty black ceramic bezel and durable Oysterflex bracelet.

Pricing: $7,500 – $16,000

Check out these 3 Men's Rolex Watches that are perfect for women!

3 Men's Rolex Watches that are perfect for women!

Many women today are moving away from traditional small case sizes and gem-set dials for everyday wear. Rolex offers a wide range of watches designed for men but ideally suited for a woman's wrist. These versatile timepieces are popular among all types of watch collectors.

1. Daytona

A collector's favorite, the Rolex Daytona is perfect for both men and women. Its versatile 40mm case size fits comfortably on many wrists. This sporty watch, named after the famous Daytona raceway in Florida, features a chronograph function. Popular models in this collection are often found in durable stainless steel, but consider the elegant Everose or yellow gold versions for a more formal look. Whether you're looking for a stylish timepiece or a high-performance watch, the Rolex Daytona is an excellent choice.

Pricing: $18,000 – $28,0000

2. Gmt-Master II

One popular watch model among women is the GMT-Master II. This timepiece features a 40mm case, which may feel slightly larger on the wrist but remains comfortable and not overwhelming. Many women choose the GMT-Master II for its practical GMT function. Traditionally available in steel, the GMT-Master II also comes in two-tone, Everose gold, and white gold variations. Additionally, there is a wide range of bezel colors, including the iconic 'Pepsi', 'Batman', and 'Root Beer'. Over the years, Rolex has introduced GMT-Master II models with diamond, ruby, and sapphire bezels, elevating its style from sporty to luxurious.

Pricing: $12,000 – $84,000

3. Milgauss

The Rolex Milgauss is one of the most underrated models in the Rolex professional collection. Known for its impressive anti-magnetism, the Milgauss often stands in the shadow of the famous Submariner and GMT models. However, this Rolex model offers unique features that make it a standout timepiece.

The Milgauss is available with a black dial or a striking 'Z-blue' dial, both paired with a distinctive green crystal. Older versions of the Milgauss come with a white or black dial and a clear crystal. One of its most unique design elements is the lightning bolt seconds hand and orange details, which set it apart from other Rolex watches.

With a 40mm case size, the Milgauss is slightly larger but remains very wearable on a woman's wrist, making it a versatile choice for anyone seeking a stylish and functional luxury watch. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to Rolex, the Milgauss is a timepiece worth considering for its unique design and reliable performance.

Pricing: $9,500 – $12,600

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